Let Their Hearts Sing to You

let their hearts sing

I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner as my little girl walked in, each step deliberate and on the beat, as she sang Lincoln Brewster’s “There is power….in the name of Jesus… There is power…. power in His name.”

Yes. Yes, Baby Girl. There is power in Jesus’ name.

There is something so deep and beautiful about hearing children sing praise to Jesus and sing of His truth.


Recently I found myself singing the lyrics to a song I probably haven’t sung in years. It’s funny how songs come to our mind during certain circumstances in our lives. Okay, it’s not funny. It’s totally the Holy Spirit. My heart and mind and soul needed those song lyrics at that time… and every day since.

As circumstances were difficult and trying, my spirit cried out “I’m falling on my knees… offering all of me…. Jesus, You’re all this heart is living for.” Offering all of me. Yes. Yes, Father, the situation isn’t what I want, but I am “offering all of me.”

I found myself re-centering. Refocusing. Fixing my gaze back to my first love. “Jesus, You’re all this heart is living for.

There is something deep and beautiful about the Spirit bringing a song to mind in His perfect timing that speaks to my heart reminding me of who I am and where my focus should be.


Music is an important part of our family. Daddy and I actually met playing on the church’s worship team. It was far from love, or even like, at-first-sight, but God in His wisdom and timing worked it all out.

Once we had children, it quickly became clear that they pick up melodies and lyrics to songs with little effort. Perhaps your children do too. I have lost track of the number of times my daughter has randomly started singing lyrics to a song I didn’t realize she even knew or I’ve come across my son absentmindedly humming a tune from a movie or game.

Because of this, we made the decision to be mindful of what we listen to around our kids. Since we are musically-inclined, we appreciate a wide variety of musical styles – but some don’t carry lyrics we want our children singing, let alone pouring into their spirits.

Now before you check out on me, let me be clear. While I do think it’s important to be mindful of what our children are filling their minds with – via their eyes and ears – I don’t necessarily think we need to keep our children from listening to “non-Christian” music (or destroy our “secular” CDs as we did in the 90s). Our son just graduated from our local Kindermusik program which doesn’t include Jesus-focused music but has been an invaluable program for him. This post isn’t meant to be burdensome, but an encouragement!

The music we encourage our children to listen to can be an intentional and easy way to pour the Word and Truth into their hearts. It is something easy for them to recall when they are in situations where they need to be reminded of the Truth… as I have needed to be.

Just think how much time your family spends in the car during the week. This is a great time to put on some worship music that reminds everyone in the car – we parents included – of how great God is and focuses us all on Him while going through our day. Currently, our family is enjoying the Bethel Music Kids’ album “Come Alive” and Seeds Family Worship’s “Seeds of Courage” album which is teaching us all Scripture word for word. So good!

And it is my growing prayer that as my children sing these songs in the car or in our home, that they would sense God’s very real presence. That they would sense His joy as they sing to Him.

To You, Lord, I give my whole heart, a heart filled with praise, for I am grateful; before the gods, my heart sings praises to You and You alone.

Psalm 138:1



What do you think, Mom and Dad? How is music a part of your family life? Could it be an easy way to pour God’s good news into your children’s minds? Or perhaps music is a battleground with your children at the moment and they want nothing to do with “songs about Jesus.” Is there another avenue (perhaps another art form) where you could encourage their connection with God?

Father God, let our children experience Your presence in very real ways. Let their hearts sing to You! Let Your praise and truth bubble up inside of them. And if our children don’t care for “that God-music,” inspire us to find ways to encourage their hearts to connect with You – perhaps through prayer, the written word, the arts… God, You know our children’s hearts better than we do. Show us the ways our children were wired to connect with You in meaningful and deep ways. Thank you, Father. You are always guiding and teaching us. You are so faithful, Father. Amen.

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