Clorox Wipes: A sign of God’s Care

Clorox Wipes

Pushing a bright red shopping cart with a chatty toddler inside through the aisles of our local Target, my eyes came across an end cap filled with Clorox cleaning wipes. While they hadn’t been on my list, this purposeful product placement reminded me that I was, in fact, in short supply of these handy helpers at home. So, I picked up a container of wipes.

The next day Daddy was off on another one of his business trips to I-can’t-remember-where, while the kids and I prepared for another week without Daddy. This week was a little unusual as my parents were also out of town. Papa & Gigi are typically on “stand-by” in case something atypical occurs while Daddy is gone like a car with no tail lights, a broken lawnmower, a flat tire, sick kids, etc. Because the reality is if Daddy is gone something weird is going to happen (especially when Mommy is pregnant… but that’s another post). Trips to Gigi and Papa’s house throughout the week also entertain the kids and help Momma maintain her sanity.

I think in the back of my mind I felt that this week wasn’t going to go as planned particularly since I also had two important work projects I needed to complete that same week.

Two nights into the week, I awoke to the sound of one of my children vomiting in their room. Funny, I can’t even remember which child it was now.

I am sure I felt overwhelmed at that point. A sick child means no school the next day. No school means no work time for Mommy. Add important deadlines, a lack of sleep, and I am sure I was probably close to tears.

As I began to clean up the mess and disinfect the bathroom, I was reminded of God’s great provision in my life. Long before this overwhelming moment, God knew I was going to be caring for a sick kiddo. He knew the status of my antibacterial wipe supply. And He gently reminded me that I needed to stock up because He knew what was coming.

I know some may think I’m crazy, but I know that was my Father taking care of this tired momma, speaking to my heart –  “I see you doing this by yourself. And I am right here helping you. Providing for you exactly what you need.”

Exodus 16 details the story of God providing manna and quail to a hungry (and grumbling) group of Israelites. They were appreciative at first but eating the same thing day after day did get tiresome. Sometimes we might wish God met our needs differently… Did the provision of Clorox wipes make me like dealing with a throwing up kiddo? No. But the comfort of knowing God was looking out for me, providing what I needed before I knew my need, helped get me through that week… and many more weeks like it.

Okay, Mom and Dad, how have you seen God’s provision in your life recently? Was it crazy like my Clorox wipes? Or a conversation you needed at the right moment? Or perhaps a gift that lifted your spirits? Whatever it was I’d love to hear about it.

And as we think about these gifts from God, how might we celebrate with our children the way God sees us, knows our needs, and provides?

O God, how often we forget that You see us. That You do, in fact, care about even our smallest needs. Open our eyes to see the ways You provide – both big and small. And help us invite our children to celebrate Your immense goodness and pleasure in us. You are all we really need, yet You provide us with even more. Thank you, Father. Amen.

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